Adding Scoring To Your Survey

Have you seen these popular quizzes on social media sites?

You can use Scoring in Survey Funnel to create a similar score-based quiz for your audience.

Video Tutorial

Setting up the questions

In order to use scoring, you’ll need to create multiple-choice questions in your survey.

We’ll work with the following questions:

(Multiple choice) Which of the following foods has the most calories?

(Multiple choice) What's the healthiest country in this list?

(Optin form)

Adding Scoring

Click on “Add Scoring and Branch Logic” for each of the two multiple-choice questions:

Then add points for the answer choices in each question:

Repeat the same steps for the second multiple-choice question.

Setting up Rules based on Scoring

Click 'get started' to create a new rule:

Select 'add a scoring condition':

Create your scoring condition:

Then add an action based on the scoring condition:

After adding the details for the action, click 'finish':

You can repeat these steps and add as many rules as you like to create your quiz and control the thank you page messages based on the quiz score.

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