How do I Integrate Different Optin Forms based on Answers

Survey Funnel can add your survey takers to different email lists based on their answers to a question.

In this tutorial, we integrate 2 different email lists based on the answer to the 'Food' question.

Video Tutorial:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Once you've completed your survey, including a multiple-choice question, create a new rule.

Then add a 'question/answer' condition:

Choose the question you want to use and click 'Next Step':

Select a possible answer and click 'Finish':

Now, select the 'Integrate an optin form' action:

Add a name for the optin form and the text you want survey takers to see, then paste the HTML optin form code from your email service provider into the box:

Now when your survey taker answers the 'food' question with the answer, 'Burgers & Fries', they will be added to that Burger answer optin form:

You can add another rule and repeat these steps for the next answer to the 'Food' question:

Create a new 'integrate an optin form' action to integrate a different optin form based on the new answer:

Click 'Add a new optin form':

Name this new optin form and add the HTML optin form code for the new list you want to integrate:

Now there are 2 rules that integrate with different optin forms based on the answer to the 'Food' question:

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