How to integrate your survey with is an app that allows you to display social proof on your website - typically resulting in higher conversion rates!

It shows your website visitors people who have recently completed a specific action - such as signing up for a free trial, opting into your email list, or in this case completing a survey.

Here's a simple example of Proof on a survey page, showing (in the bottom-left corner) people who have recently completed the survey:

Before you begin setting this:

Copy the Proof Pixel:
Add it to Customize >> General Settings >> Tracking Code in Survey Funnel:
Create your first Proof notification, and choose Auto Lead Capture as the source:

Add your survey URL as the display URL:

Select Lead Magnet/Squeeze Page as the page type:

Customize the Proof notification text:
Launch your Proof notification:

Go through and take your survey one time (after you've set up Proof):

It's important after you've followed the steps above to go through your survey and submit it one time.

Confirm the survey submission has been recorded by Proof:
Refresh your survey page and make sure the Proof notification shows up:

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