How to send custom answer events

Note: Custom answer events are currently only an option for multiple choice (radio) questions.

Custom answer events give you the ability to fire custom Javascript events as soon as someone selects a specific answer and goes to the next question.

You can use this with custom events in  FacebookGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Tag ManagerSegment, and many others.

To get started, click on "add scoring, branch logic, and custom events" in the 'questions' tab of Survey Funnel:
Then, enter the code you want triggered as soon as someone chooses that specific answer option:

Note: don't include <script> or </script> tags in your custom event, because we automatically wrap custom answer events in opening and closing script tags.

In this case, we're firing a Facebook custom event as soon as someone selects this specific answer.

If you're firing custom events for analytics, you'll need to add your main tracking code (for Facebook, Google, etc.) to the page where you're embedding the survey (or to Customize >> General Settings >> Tracking Code, if you're using the hosted survey) in order for the custom answer events to work:

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