How do I pre-populate the name and email addresses of my subscribers in the survey?

If you plan to send the URL for your Survey to your current email list, we suggest that you append the name and email to your URL so you don't have to ask your current subscribers to provide it again, but can still collect that information.

If you field your survey without personalizing the URL, your optin survey page will look like this:

If you field the survey using a personalized link, the optin survey page will look like this, without the boxes for name and email:

How to append your URL

To append your URL you will add placeholders for the email and/or name to the URL for your Survey provided by Survey Funnel.

As an example, this is the Survey Funnel-provided URL for a sample Survey:

The appended version of this URL which will add my subscriber's information (from MailChimp) looks like this:

Where to get the placeholders to use

You can find the placeholders for the name (or first name only) and email address of your subscribers within your email service provider (ESP) account. The format will differ by service provider.

The placeholders for Aweber look like this:

First name:  {!firstname}
Email:  {!email}


The placeholders for MailChimp look like this:

First name:  *|FNAME|*
Email:  *|EMAIL|*


Each ESP will have a different format, but they should all have the merge tags/placeholders available. You can ask your ESP for help in identifying the placeholders you need to use, or you can contact the Help Desk and we'll be happy to help.

If you have any questions, please let us know at